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Noesis is a four level online series technical quiz which targets participants from all years.
The main highlight of this event is that once the participants choose to register,
they have access to all the four levels and the winner shall be decided based
on the aggregate score that they have obtained during the course of the event from all the four levels.

Level 1
-General aptitude
and basic electronics
- Platform: Classmarker
- Question type: MCQs
- No negative marking

Subjects: > Digital electronics
> Analog electronics
> Network theory
> Logical reasoning and aptitude


Level 2
- Question and Answer
- Platform: Google Form
- Question type :
Fill in the blanks,descriptive questions and one word answers
- No negative marking

Answerkey- 1st& 2nd year

Answerkey- 3rd& 4th year

Level 3
- Coding
- Platform: HackerRank
Level 4
- Platform: Google Form

- Application type qns based on analog & digital electronics

- Parial marks will be awarded for attempting questions

- Open to all years

- Use Simulation software like Proteus(version 8.6 or above)



  1. There are four levels and all the levels are open to all the registered students.
  2. After each level the scores will be updated on the leaderboard based on the performance.
  3. There is no filtering in order to enter into the subsequent levels, all the registered students can access all the levels; the aggregate score of the participants will be considered for the final ranking.
  4. Level 1 is time bound and has to be completed in 30 mins. The leaderboard will be updated based on the score and time taken to complete the level.
  5. Levels 2 and 3 are to be completed within the given time duration from the start of the respective levels.
  6. Participants will be allowed to change their answer until the final date of submission in case of level 2 and 3.
  7. The scores obtained in each level and the aggregate score will be published within 3 days after the end of each level.
  8. If there is a tie in the scores so far, Level 4 will be considered as the filtering level, where the participant who gets the correct result in less time will be given a higher score.

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